Educational Software

From March 2012 to May 2014 I worked as a Software Design Engineer for an educational tech startup called Omega Labs Inc. (rebranded as Boom Learning Inc. in 2016). I focused on designing and developing features for engaging and educational k-12 experiences. I carried ideas from concept to completion in a fast paced startup environment where I simultaneously took on roles as a developer, designer, and later a app release manager (to an extent). I actively pursued ways to incorporate learning science into new features to strengthen user retention. During the later portion I maintained the Mathtopia app suite.

From June 2015 to the present I have worked for McGrawHill Education as a mobile engineer. My primary role has been feature development and maintenance on the native iOS ConnectED mobile applications.

Web Applications

Between working for Omega Labs Inc. and Mcgraw Hill Education I spent a year developing front-end UI on Holland America Line’s 2015 secondary booking flow re-design. I worked with a team of experienced web engineers to develop a variety of AngularJS directives to help manage shopping cart data, loyalty benefits, and middle layer content management.

Game Design and Development

I have been a game design enthusiast for a long time and still hope to transition into game development. I attained an associate’s degree in Game Art & Animation from an art collage taught by a few game industry idols of mine. I studied subjects like 3D modeling and level design using the Unreal Development Kit and Unity. My first taste of professional game development was working on Mathtopia as both a design engineer (programming features in Objective-C) and lead artist (I can still say that the visual elements in Mathtopia are still my work—either in the form of images or programmatically generated UI frames). I’ve always enjoyed crossing disciplines of art and programming (though my software skillset is stronger).

For now, game development is a hobby—where I explore software libraries like iOS Swift GameKit or Phaser as well as technologies like Meteor. Recently I started learning the Minecraft Forge API to work on a few mod projects with some former classmates.


To view a comprehensive breakdown of my professional experience, please visit my linkedIn:

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